HABCON CONSULT has conducted training on the following modules, for 24 Irrigation and Agro Engineers working on Agricultural Growth Program (AGP) at Federal and Regional Implementing Agencies:-

  • MODULE ONE : Contractual Procedure And Responsibilities
  • MODULE TWO : Management Of Site And Construction Meetings
  • MODULE THREE : Quality Inspection And Supervision
  • MODULE FOUR : Monitoring Contract Controls
  • MODULE FIVE : Preventing Future Claim

The training was conducted from 3rd April to and 7th April at Ziway Town in the region of Oromia. The overall rating of the trainees on the effectiveness of the training and sufficiency of the training content ranges from VERY GOOD TO EXCELLENT.

The trainees were composed from Ministry of Agriculture as well as from staffs working under Bureau of Agriculture, Bureau of Water and Regional Road Authorities from regions of AMHARA, TIGRAY, OROMIA and SOUTHERN NATION AND NATIONALITIES.

The Training has given us an opportunity to understand the problems faced by different implementing agencies towards achieving the AGP goal. There was intensive discussion on problems and challenges in the process of procurement and contract implementation.

Good practices of some regions interms of effective coordination among implementing agencies is shared to the training participants. The overall training program was so interesting and has inspired HABCON CONSULT to take the initiative for introducing Forum for Engineers Working on AGP under its website.

The forum will allow any one from any region to post questions regarding challenges and problems faced in managing contracts; participants of the forum including HABCON CONSULT will share their experience interms of handling the posted challenge.

All training participants will be member of the forum and they have given us their email address for registration, hence the online forum will launch in the mid of May, 2012.