Since the beginning, HABCON has been governed by its core values instilled through its culture and character of the company. At the heart of HABCON’s culture is our focus on improving our client’s results. Continual improvement is not only something we instill with our clients but is embodied within our employee’s careers and company goals.

Why We Are Different
We aspire change from the ground up. As construction consulting experts, we offer information, analysis and recommendations on best practices to add value and improve our client’s projects and their bottom line. As such, we tell it like it is-even if management doesn't want to hear it.
Project controls is our
HABCON's services focus on control systems and processes for projects within any stage of its lifecycle. We assist our clients by developing
primary business
and improving their project control systems in order to mitigate risk and prevent costly litigation. From project planning to litigation support, we help our clients achieve success, from the ground up.
We are not a design firm, general contractor, subcontractor or supplier. In order to provide independent analysis and recommendations,we
concentrate on project controls systems and processes. Given the difficulties in excelling in a multitude of services, we offer our advisory services across a project’s lifecycle within the general scope of risk, quality, management, estimating, scheduling and productivity. Our focus allows us to independently provide the real world cost-effective solutions that will assist our client’s in achieving substantial completion on-time and within their budget
Simplify the Complex
We assist our clients by solving complex problems that often require distinct engineering and construction knowledge. However, the manner and style in which we evaluate and communicate our findings and provide our recommendations separate us from our competition.
Industry Leaders
In order to be a catalyst for change, we serve to remain at the forefront of the industry. We are leaders in the construction industry and help pave the way for other professionals to follow.
Operating Values
Integrity – Be honest, upfront, and accountable.
Value – Provide superior services, quality and value to our clients.
People – Work hard, continuously improve and have a can-do attitude.
Team – Create a great place to work, communicate clearly, acknowledge contributions and have fun.
In the Community
HABCON CONSULT participates in a variety of industry, charity, and community events. From construction and project training to the fight against multiple problems, HABCON CONSULT is active in the industry and in our community.
Within Industry
HABCON relies on its experience and diversified engineering and construction educational backgrounds and on its innovative technology solutions to provide ongoing project support for both private and public projects. HABCON’s primary resource is its exceptional talent of technical professionals that provide team-oriented services on an as needed basis. Our alliance with these and other key individuals and organizations allow us to support clients in matters involving all divisions of engineering and construction.